Mr Being Human!

With Salman’s verdict, there are many opinions floating in different groups.
I am merely pointing out some of the most MORONIC reactions by different people in here.
I pity this educated people who could think and blabber this way;
Category 1: People who think Salman is innocent just like Sanju Baba, These people are die hard fans and have held and will hold “CANDLE MARCH” wearing “Being Human” T shirts, pray in Mandir, Masjid, Church, etc
Category 2: Those who think that it’s a mistake of those poor people who were sleeping on the streets (in Salman’s case it was FOOTPATH but, still it was their mistake) and our learned guys & girls defend this by saying,…
a. Why do these people sleep on footpath / streets? – Just because you are blessed with good home and family doesn’t mean everyone else in the world.
b. Why these people have to come to Mumbai?” and “Why can’t they stay at their native place only?”  – Mumbai as we all know is a city of dreams and every Indian has a right to go and live in whichever part they want to live. I will suggest these people to try and visit the remote places in UP & Bihar and see how life is. These people are coming down to Metros because they want a peaceful life, survival, food. They have every right to have a better life as much as you all and hence they come to Mumbai or other Metros in search of opportunities.
And last but not the least and read it carefully, I am letting out a top secret in here, exclusively for you retards “Roads are built for vehicles and not the footpaths!” that means one cannot ride or drive a vehicle on footpath, it has to be on road! Moreover Law does not allow Drink & Drive cases as well.
Category 3:  Those who know that it was mistake (not a crime) of Salman Khan but, at the same time they say, “It was in 2002 i.e. 12-13 years back and why he is getting punished now? It’s been so many years? Why to punish him now? “आदमी से गलती हो जाता हैं!
I guess by that logic government should declare amnesty for Dawood Ibrahim (Mumbai blasts 1993), Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi (26/11), Abu Hamja (Akshardham attack) and many more like that… Why??? Because, “आदमी से गलती हो जाता हैं!”  Why to punish him?
“Just because he didn’t thrash anyone from your family or loved ones, you can ask this question and I feel it is an insult to your own intelligence “Why to punish him?”  
I have seen Salman Khan doing a lot of charity (trust me it is way Out of Box), he could be a person with soft heart too.
The point is because Dawood Ibrahim regularly fed the poor people at different dargahs in Mumbai, should his crimes be forgiven?
All I will say is we do have a lethargic judicial system, people with money can buy police, lawyers, witnesses, reports and what not. But, that does not mean we as a citizen of India blabber such nonsense SHIT just because he is your beloved Salman Bhai!
Law is above all and it has loopholes too. But, it’s we who can make it better.
So, I suggest that you be a decent Human Being first instead of wearing “Being Human” T shirts.
Some suggestive readings here for those who actually want to know the other side of the case too;
Shrinivas Gokhale
6th May, 2015
23.15 hrs

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