Happy Birth Day!

I never celebrated my BirthDay by myself but, I happen to be lucky to have awesome relatives, friends, colleagues, etc who always made it sure that it is celebrated.

We always celebrate different occasions from time to time and I am sure BirthDay celebration is topper in such celebrations followed by Anniversaries, again Bdays in famiy, in office इसका Bday – उसका Bday and all 😉

Though, I never balked on this one and always been a good boy and celebrated with the people around.

But, what’s my contribution in my BirthDay? 

Answer: Zero contribution! 


I am a late & only child of my parents. During pregnancy, all I did was floating in her womb and nourishing myself on whatever she ate (My mother was 36 when she delivered me) and probably kicked her from inside sometimes.

That’s all I did and that’s not a contribution at all and not worth celebrating as well and hence, cannot celebrate as my BirthDay. 

In my opinion, this BirthDay is of my Parents, Specially, My mother’s who carried  me for 9 mths and delivered me at the age of 36. My father’s who was standing by her whenever she needed. It’s their BirthDay and not mine as they entered in a different role in their phase of Life altogether that transferred them from Wife & Husband to Mother & Father. It’s their BirthDay.

Now, people will say “Yeah! Yeah! You f#&%$ing philosopher! We needed a reason to enjoy, want to eat cake, want to party and have fun so we are celebrating it!”

Well, to this all I can say if it’s about party and enjoying then here is a list you can find out for your friends, family members, colleagues, etc and celebrate more than 1 in a year;

  1. An important competition you won during your school/college days.
  2. Achieving higher grades in Exams
  3. Getting a dream job or promotion
  4. Achieving Career Goal
  5. Met someone special (not necessary that a girlfriend or would be life partner but anyone who has made an impact on your life / career / academics in a great way)
  6. You started pursuing a hobby and still continuing with it
  7. Saved someone’s life
  8. Helped a needy person
  9. Paid for someone’s Education and helped them achieved their dream
  10. Bought a House / Land / vehicle
  11. Completed a journey
  12. Did something brave and helped someone
  13. You are blessed with a baby

This list can go on and on and on….

In short, BirthDay should be the day that has Value Added something in your Life with your own deeds.

If it’s about you then stand up and make it about you!



Shrinivas Gokhale

23rd April, 1982

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