Bhaang @ Indore…. (इंदोर की भांग)

It was a hot summer in the Indore, I remember that afternoon rather evening on 6th Jun 2009. We 4 were roaming in Indore city and decided to have Bhang at one of the Thelas i.e. Joint. In North India many people consume Bhaang (भांग) on a daily basis and that to in various forms.
We went at a typical Bhaang ka Thela (भांग का ठेला) and ordered for Bhaang (भांग) that guy stared at us and he could easily make out theat we were tourists and asked us, “एक गिलास के लिये कितनी गोलियाँ लगाएँ?” (How many Bhang balls I will put in 1 glass?)  We were 4.. Rahul, Pranjal, Prasad and me… Out of 4, me and Rahul only have tried Bhang and rest 2 never thought off…bt, were reluctant to have it. But, finally agreed after my brainwash… 
I told him bade shaan se to make 3 glasses in Mango flavour and put 1 goli each for them and make the 4th Glass for me and put 2 goli. (was trying to become Dare devil).
I was carefully noticing his preparations which helped me later. He was very proficient in his work and was very talkative. Finally, he procured a delicious Bhaang with Milk and Mango flavor (भांग), it was delicious and we all liked it a lot.
It was damn hot in Indore, temperature must be close to 45…After consuming Bhang we decided to dump our baggage at Bus stand and then roam for a while, have some tea and do some time pass till the time Bus comes. We went to a Tea stall which was hardly 500mtrs away from Bus stand and we ordered for a special tea. We were sitting and someone cracked a Joke and suddenly, all of us started laughing and could not control it for a while… This happened several times even though no jokes or no dialogues exchanged just looking at each other we laughed.  
And the bell rang in my mind that we have to make a quick move to Bus stand or else it will be disastrous. Hence, I tried winding up. But, special tea took almost 10-15 minutes and I was helpless… I remember Rahul’s words,”शिन्या, बेक्कार kick बसली आहे! ट्रीप वसूल! हा! हा! J” (Shinya, I am totally high.. Awesome trip, I am very happy! Hahahaha) and then we all laughed J  Ha J ha J ha J… Wow! What a Joke?
We had Tea and now actual challenge came. Now, we have to move from Tea stall to Bus Stand. How to go… Rahul said, “मला कांही कळत नाहीए! आता, मी तुझ्या मागोमाग चालेन!” (I am a gone case. I don’t even know where we are. Now, I will follow your foot steps to reach stand.) The situation of Pranjal and Prasad was not so different.
Finally, after paying for tea I told everyone to follow me and on those Indore roads we were walking just like children playing Rail-Rail holding the shirt or hand of a person right ahead of him… Somehow, we managed to reach Bus stand and caught the pace on one of the benches.
I enquired about Bus and later escorted everyone to the toilet as I didn’t wanted to take any risk. That’s it! I could not do anything better than this as i was on the verge of collapsing. I was sitting on one of the benches keeping my head on the Sack which I kept on my Lap, laughing and I could see Prasad staring at desk and murmuring, I could see Pranjal taking a small walk and laughing in the middle saying, “असे काय बघताय माझ्याकडे? मला कांही झालेल नाहीए!” …  (Why you guys are staring at me like that? Nothing has happened to me and I am not high also!” I also heard Rahul singing some classical chiz…
I closed my eyes and was struggling to take a nap which obviously I couldn’t. Oh Man….. Finally, Bus came and we into it and told them not move here and there unnecessarily and do not disturb me at all. I am going to sleep now.
That was the best Bhaang kick I ever got. Great experience!
Do try Bhaang at your own risk in a safer zone. 
Shrinivas Gokhale

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