Reunion of the Squirrels

Usually, On holidays by chance if I am home then, I prefer to clean the household and hence I was full on today. While cleaning, I noticed a nest like shape lying Electric meter box for past a month or two but all this days I couldn’t see any sign of any living creature out there! I decided to take it off and pushed it from one corner and it failed on the ground. The moment it hit the ground, 3 tiny squirrels came out of it and started running away sensing possible danger.

I was like dumb struck for a moment and realized what I have done! I felt so bad about my action and immediately realized that the small squirrels are now out of their shelter and possible danger could be waiting for them like crows, snakes, cats, dogs, humans, etc
The 3 squirrels were cute little thing and seems to be in good shape (eyes opened) and could run all right and they immediately took the shelter 1 below my bike, 1 is in nearby bush and 1 is in small rocks. I immediately ran into the kitchen and grabbed a plastic container and a plastic board. I would have capture them with my bear hands but, I was not sure about how squirrels will take it as some birds/animals do not accept their kin once humans touch them (I saw this in Crows where they literally kill the crow that is touched by humans!) Hence, I carefully picked up all 3 tiny cute things one by one. Surprisingly, they didn’t put any hassle and let me do it quickly. I kept them in the nearby cardboard box. 2 of them were shivering and of course I did take some snaps 🙂
3 Squirrels in the box
Squirrels trying to hide!
I got that nest back and kept it in the box immediately the squirrels slipped below it.
Squirrel’s nest in the box now and squirrels slipped below it. 
I put some holes in the box for ventilation and kept the box on terrace so that their mom can find them.
Few hours passed but no sign of Mom anywhere. Finally, around 18.00 hrs I heard a shrieking voice of a squirrel. I came out and saw a squirrel trying to find her nest and pups near the Meter Box and calling the pups in a high pitched voice. Mother squirrel saw me and climbed the trees adjacent my house in the search of her pups. She was restless and her shrieks were at constant intervals. I went up and brought that box down with me and tried showing it to her but I guess she couldn’t understand! After few minutes, I decided to lift the box little higher and also lift the nest a bit so that she can see her nest clearly. To my surprise she did notice as her calls went off suddenly but she was reluctant to come down. So, I kept the box near 2 wheeler parking area knowing that she will come to her pups.
I was watching the box from kitchen’s window and as expected, after few minutes I saw that mother squirrel coming near to the box very cautiously looking everywhere for possible threats and entered the box, picked up 1 of the pups in her mouth, jumped out of the box and went away. Wow! A sigh of relief!
I quickly decided to capture her next 2 possible sorties and placed my Go Pro camera near the box to capture those amazing moments. I have uploaded one of that video of around 1 minute! Here is the link;
I felt so good by reuniting the Squirrels. Vijaya Dashmi celebrated well. I can sleep well tonight.
11th October 2016
23.35 hrs

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