धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Yesterday, after my FB’s post, my colleague told me a small incident of her cousin brother who is just 8 yrs old. There is a school in Thane named as “Samarth Sevak Mandal” and as the name suggests it has an idol of Samarth Raamdas Swami. 
समर्थ रामदास स्वामी
Now, anyone who has seen Samarth Ramdas Swami’s Photograph or idol will immediately notice his well built personality. Apart from this, I guess (I might be wrong) he was the onlysaint for all ages who aimed at building powerful & virtuous human religion. Though, he lived four centuries ago, his teaching transcends all limits of time. His philosophy reawakened & rejuvenated the then doomed spirit of Maharashtra.
So, that kid looked at the idol and exclaimed, “What a body! Which Gym he use to go?”
“Interesting isn’t it? Aren’t the kids smart this days?” 
An 8 years old kid believes that a person can earn well built personality only by going to the Gym!
FYI: Ramdas Swami practised physical yoga exercises as well as meditation. The Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation was his favourite as it involves every part of the body. It is said that he would do 1200 Sun Salutations every day, believing that no spirituality could be attained if the physical body was not strong. 
Now, let’s keep the kid aside for a while. I am mentioning 3 scenarios below. I request all of you to read it carefully and then we will again come back to the Kid and his thinking.
Scenario 1:
Couple of days back, I received a message on WhatsApp which must be floating for a while and I am sure you might have received the same and few of you have forwarded the same to others too.
Message says;

Parvati: Ganu baby! U really should start gymming now!
Ganpati: I am not fat, I am pleasantly plump!
Parvati: Err but, U could be as fit as your dad!
Ganpati: Not again Mom! And it’s OK! I charm people anyway
Parvati: That U do haan! Love U baby!
Ganpati: Love U too Mom! And miss me for 10 days as I am off for a FOOD FESTIVAL and will be interacting friends, fans, followers, etc. And Yes if HANUMAN comes with another GYM membership offer for me, just tell him I am not interested!

When, I received this message, I expressed my opinion and requested her not to spread such messages. She enlightened me saying, “It’s a new way of welcoming our GOD and you need to change your way of thinking!”

Our argument went on and on and on. Finally, she left the group!

Scenario 2:

A couple of months back, I was talking with one of my female friend and to my surprise she said that she follows the serial “Devon ke Dev Mahadev”
I was happy here for 2 things;
i) The serial is the best amongst all the channels and the content that is being delivered is awesome and worth watching. 
ii) I didn’t expect her to watch such serial as she loves the Bollywood stuff.
Hence, I happen to ask, “What is it that makes you watch this serial?”
Her answer was, “Shankar looks so hot in it!”
Scenario 3:
On the occasion of Janmashtami, there was another message floating about Lord Krishna;
कलदुनिया केसबसे बडेटपोरी काजनम दिनहैं (tomorrow is the Birth day of a Vagabond)
एकभी ऐसागुनाह नहीहैं जोउसने नहीकिया (there is not a single crime that he didn’t commit)
जेलमें पैदाहुआ (Born in Jail), मा औरबाप नेकी हेराफ़ेरी (fraud done by his parents)
बचपनसे हीचोर था(was a thief since childhood)
पथ्थरमारकर लड्कीयोंकोछेडना (Use to eve tease using stones)
कालेनाग कोमारा (killed a Black serpent)
अपनेही मामाका मर्डरकिया (Murderer of his own Uncle)
मथुरासे तडीपारकिया गया(He was banished from city of Mathura)
महाभारतके युद्धका मास्टरमाइंड बना(Master Mind of great Mahabharat)
औरइसके बावजूदकभी भीपकडा नहीगया… (And yet to be arrested and prosecuted)
विश्वरूप दर्शन : महाभारत

As usual I retaliated and the one who sent me the message apologized and said, “Thanks for making me realize this. I will do the same if I receive message like this.”

Friends, now just recollect what I have mentioned about the Kid’s remark when he looked upon Samarth Ramdas Swami’s idol. The innocent kid was so sure that the Ramdas Swami must have gone to Gym.
Considering the above scenarios, give a thought that what kind of message will reach to this kids when they read or hear such messages about Hindu Gods? 
Those who are in their 30’s and above will agree to this fact that today’s generation is very smart. They grasp the things very quickly. They can relate the things easily to what they see in and around.  
Now, my point is that such messages can impact negatively on a kid. Kids are smart enough to know the meaning of words like “Hot”, “Tapori”, “Murderer” and “Master Mind” will surely give very wrong impression about Hindu Gods.
Some of you will argue that Hindu culture is so strong and all the kids will learn what is wrong and right and blah.. blah.. blah. No doubt culture is strong but, as a part of the same culture / religion it becomes our foremost duty to stop spreading such stupid messages and make them understand what is real Hindu culture is all about.
Similarly, they need to explain their kids about who are these Gods and why they are being worshipped, what have done to make this world better place, etc and many more things.  
As a parent or as a citizen isn’t that our responsibility to show / teach them something better than bollywood dance or so called reality shows or cricket?
शुभंकरोति (Shubhankaroti) is almost outdated. I doubt if the kids or even parents know गणपती स्तोत्र आणि अथर्वशीर्ष (Ganapati Stotra or Atharvshirsh), मारुति स्तोत्र (Maruti Stotra), राम रक्षा (Ram Raksha), गायत्री मंत्र  (Gayatri Matra) or let’s say the most easiest उत्सवातील आरत्या (Aaratis) 
I can bet that most of the people will carry books for Aaratis as well forget about the Stotras. But, I am happy that they are carrying the book and eventualliy they recite the same and pass it on to the next generation for referencing until they recite. 
On the contrary, when asked about the lyrics of any other slutty bollywood song the parents and kids both will jump on the floor and dance with all possible vulgar moves.
Where are we heading with this?
Do think on the same and see if you can help yourself & your kids with something better in life, before it’s too late. 

As the title suggests  धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः i.e. “Dharm protects it’s protector”

****  And who has to do it? 

—> “Noone will come to your help if you don’t help yourself!”
Samarth Ramdas Swami mentions the same in very precise words;
स्वयेशस्त्र देशार्थहाती धरावेl पिटावे रिपुलारणी वामरावे l
तुझ्यारक्षणा तूच रेसिद्ध होईl तदा संकटीदेव धाऊनयेई ll
जयजय रघुवीरसमर्थ!
Shrinivas Gokhale

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