About us…

Hello There! First of all thanks a lot for visiting our Blogsite.

About the Blog:

This blog is about….. ummmm…. ummm…. Even, we don’t know what exactly we are going to write! There is no specific subject that we will be writing on. It could be about a book, a music, some experiences, Cycling, Trekking Expeditions, day to day life incidence, politics, sports, plays, movies, social stuff, etc and many more.

In short, it will be pretty much of everything but, we guarantee you that it will be worth reading and sharing.

A Brief about us:

I am Shrinivas Gokhale and I take my pride in  Reading, Trekking, Cycling, Photography, Swimming, hanging out with friends and many more 🙂

In reality, for bread and butter, I  was working in a BFSI, Investment Banking / Private Equity domain for about 7-8 yrs and currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor in Konkan Region of Maharashtra and also do Business Consultancy Services both online as well as offline.

Hi! I am Dhanashri Gokhale and I am a homemaker! I love reading, listening to music, chit-chatting, traveling and recently developed hobby Cycling.


Just an FYI.. We do love a healthy debate so feel free to oppose us, disagree with us or even tell us that ‘we are completely insane!’, in the comments section of each blog posts. Please note that we do reserve the right to delete any comment if they are abusive, profane, rude or off topic hence, keep it relevant and decent.

Thanks again for visiting the Blogsite! 🙂